Whiskey Wednesday: O.F.C. 1985 Vintage Bourbon

Spontaneity is not my strong suit.  Example A: my girlfriend swears by the deals emailed out daily by Scott’s Cheap Flights. Yet every time a deal lands, I have to ask about time frame, logistics, check on available vacation days, and generally stressed about the fact that booking this trip means that we won’t be able to bookContinue reading “Whiskey Wednesday: O.F.C. 1985 Vintage Bourbon”

Whiskey Wednesday: Unicorns, Whales, and Narwhales

Unicorns are all around. You can see them prancing through the Instagram forest, taunting you with delicious rivulets running down the sides of a glistening Glencairn glass yet the moment you emerge into the fields of the liquor stores they become a distant fable. What happened to these legendary bottles? The short answer is: theyContinue reading “Whiskey Wednesday: Unicorns, Whales, and Narwhales”

Your “Pappy’s” History

Pappy is history. Literally and figuratively. Figuratively, the time when the whiskey was equal to the hype is long gone. The search and endless discussion of the search for Pappy Van Winkle has become a bigger story then the actual whiskey itself. But for most people it’s still just a name. Rather than focus onContinue reading “Your “Pappy’s” History”